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Dining room

<p>Dining room of Cau Ferrat</p>

Dining room of Cau Ferrat

The kitchen- dining room is the largest room on the ground floor, because it was normal in humble homes for cooking and eating to take place in the same space. This was where Rusiñol would often read fragments of his literary works to his friends from Sitges as they sat around the fire. This was also where his private dinners would be held, when he would tell his guests about things that had happened on his latest journey to Paris, Granada or wherever else he might have been.

The walls and shelves of the kitchen-dining room today are covered with ceramic pieces that Rusiñol acquired throughout his life: pots from pharmacies, aquamaniles, plates and bowls. Most of the pieces are from Catalonia, but there are many others from the main ceramic-manufacturing regions on the Peninsula: Manises, Paterna, Muel, Teruel and Talavera de la Reina.

The bedwarmer on the right as you enter the room is framed by a fireplace made from a window that was originally part of Sitges Castle. To the right of the bedwarmer is the lintel of a window or door which also came from the old castle.



<p>Ewer, late seventeenth century-first third of the eighteenth century, Barcelona, enamelled chinaware</p>
<p>Manolo Hugu&eacute;, <em>Maternity</em>, <em>c</em>. 1897-1900, Cadaqu&eacute;s, painted plaster</p>
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