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Portrait of Santiago Rusiñol

<p>Ramon Casas, <em>Portrait of Santiago Rusi&ntilde;ol</em>, 1926, charcoal, sanguine and pastel on paper</p>

Ramon Casas, Portrait of Santiago Rusiñol, 1926, charcoal, sanguine and pastel on paper

On January 10, 1926 a great many people dressed up in their finest to attend the homage to Santiago Rusiñol in Sitges, an initiative of Catalan intellectuals.

The central and most attended event of the program took place at the foot of the monument to El Greco.

Another of the gifts offered to Rusiñol during the celebration was this fine charcoal drawing by Ramon Casas. The venerable image of his friend that Casas offers us contrasts greatly with a number of portraits of Rusiñol also found here though done a much earlier, when the artist was still young and had many projects left to do.  

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