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Granada Landscape

<p>Arcadi Mas i Fondevila, <em>Granada Landscape</em>, 1895, oil on board</p>

Arcadi Mas i Fondevila, Granada Landscape, 1895, oil on board

As can be seen in the painting’s dedication, Arcadi Mas i Fondevila gave Granada Landscape to Santiago Rusiñol as a gift, as a memento of the time they both spent in the city of the Alhambra from the autumn of 1895 into early 1896. The reason for their trip to Granada was Rusiñol’s interest in seeing its light and landscapes once again, as they had enthralled him during his first visit eight years earlier.

Rusiñol and Mas spent a great deal of time painting the open air settings of the city. The Alberca Courtyard, in the Alhambra, and the Acequia Courtyard, in the Generalife, were two of the places most frequently portrayed by Rusiñol in his works.

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