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Sitges Point

<p>Joaquim de Mir&oacute;, <em>Sitges Point</em>, 1895, oil on canvas</p>

Joaquim de Miró, Sitges Point, 1895, oil on canvas

Joaquim de Miró was part of the luminist school group, who were united by their interest in capturing the vibrant Mediterranean light of Sitges, the place they had discovered as a pictorial motif.

In their search for sincerity, the luminist painters sought to paint canvases charged with light.  They chose to leave their studios, setting up their easels on the beach or in the fields, and painting what they had before them.

When he first arrived in Sitges in 1891, Rusiñol discovered the studio of Joaquim de Miró.

This is a bright piece charged with light and colour that impresses us for its confident drawing, its perspective and luminous intensity.


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