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The Girl with the Carnation (Teresa Mirabent Planas)

<p>Santiago Rusi&ntilde;ol, <em>The Girl with the Carnation (Teresa Mirabent Planas)</em>, 1893, Sitges, oil on canvas</p>

Santiago Rusiñol, The Girl with the Carnation (Teresa Mirabent Planas), 1893, Sitges, oil on canvas

From the first moment he saw it, the light of Sitges had an impact on Rusiñol’s retina, as it did for all the painters of the luminist school.

The figure is of a young woman spellbound as she smells the fragrance of a carnation, and is the focal point of the work. Around her the overall effect of the courtyard helps to accent the girl’s beauty, as she seems completely unaware of the painter’s presence. The colours are bright and luminous.

This is one of the most beautiful portraits painted by Rusiñol in his entire career. The artist chose to keep it for his private collection, although it was shown on three occasions.

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