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Maundy Thursday in Pollensa (Mallorca)

<p>Santiago Rusi&ntilde;ol, <em>Maundy Thursday in Pollensa (Mallorca)</em>, 1902, oil on canvas</p>

Santiago Rusiñol, Maundy Thursday in Pollensa (Mallorca), 1902, oil on canvas

In Rusiñol’s life Mallorca was a place closely bound to his personality, as it also took on a key role in his work as a painter and writer. This piece is an urban scape seen from above. In the middle of the composition we see a street with a group of people leaving the church in Pollensa with candles in their hands. This inclusion allows the artist to humanize the overall composition, something also accomplished by having smoke coming from the chimneys.

Rusiñol’s dramatization evokes certain ideas found in the work of El Greco.

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