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Historical collection

<p>Visit to a temporary exhibition centred on Reus in 1900.</p>

Visit to a temporary exhibition centred on Reus in 1900.

The history collection preserves documents and materials related with some of our outstanding figures, such as General Prim (personal effects, weapons, documents and photographs), Antoni Gaudí (the museum has the most important documents of the famous architect, as well as some drawings and other contemporary documents), Eduard Toda (documents, letters and objects from his collections) and others. This collection also contains architectural elements from some of the city's most emblematic buildings which have been lost over time. There are also objects closely linked to the history of the city, such as ancient emblems, a collection of weapons, historical documents, elements belonging to the city authorities, coins and dies, choir books and religious objects from the Church of Sant Pere, etc. It also presents documents and objects about significant local events which help to explain the historical changes and development of the economy, society and layout of the city from the middle ages to the present.

The history of Reus area, together with the ethnology collection, show us the city's past, especially between the 18th and 20th centuries.


<p>Sketch of a display cabinet designed by Antoni Gaud&iacute;, in 1878.</p>
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