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<p>General view of the gallery of 19th century painters.</p>

General view of the gallery of 19th century painters.

The museum's art collections are also of notable quality. Most of the works make reference to Reus or were created by artists with links to the city. They range from the 14th century to the present day. We can mention the Baroque collection (with works from the 17th and 18th centuries, of Agustí Pujol II, Isaac Hermes, Rafael Rocafort, Pere Costa, etc.) and a good recreation of the ancient altarpiece from the Church of Sant Pere de Reus; the Pedrol Rius bequest, consisting of 30 Gothic altarpieces from the 15th century; the Marià Fortuny collection, with oil paintings, watercolours, engravings and drawings from his African period; the artists of the 19th century, with works by Hortensi Güell, Baldomer Galofre, Josep Tapiró, Tomàs Bergadà, Josep Llovera, Joaquim Mir, etc.; the sculptures of an artist of the calibre of Joan Rebull; the legacy bequeathed by the sculptor Modest Gené, which include the sculptures he made in Africa, and the contemporary art collection, with works by Ramon Ferran, Salvador Juanpere, Joan Rom, Manel Llauradó, Francesc Vidal, Antoni Garau, Daniel Canogar, Joaquim Chancho, Carles Fargas, Marcel Pey, Carles Amill, Albert Macaya, Aureli Ruiz, etc.


<p><em>Boy</em><em> in Portici,</em> Mari&agrave; Fortuny Marsal,&nbsp;c. 1874, oil on canvas, 33.5 &amp;ti</p>
Boy in Portici
Boy in Portici
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