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Boy in Portici

<p><em>Boy</em><em> in Portici,</em> Mari&agrave; Fortuny Marsal,&nbsp;c. 1874, oil on canvas, 33.5 &amp;ti</p>

Boy in Portici, Marià Fortuny Marsal, c. 1874, oil on canvas, 33.5 &ti

Painted at Portici in August 1874. In this late period of his life, Fortuny felt released from the constraints of commercial painting and resolved to paint according to his own criteria, with a clear approximation to impressionism. The death of the painter cut short this transformation, and we can only wonder what Fortuny would have achieved had he not died so prematurally.

In his memoirs, Ricardo de Madrazo wrote that Fortuny painted three beautiful studies of children in Portici.

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