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<p>Sketch of a display cabinet designed by Antoni Gaud&iacute;, in 1878.</p>

Sketch of a display cabinet designed by Antoni Gaudí, in 1878.

Sketched design of a display cabinet that the glove maker Comella of Barcelona commissioned from Gaudí for the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878. The sketch was made on the back of a stiff business card with the inscription "Ant.º Gaudí, arquitecto / Bufete= Barcelona-Call-11-3". The cabinet must have really appealed to Eusebi Güell, who contacted Gaudí as a result and began what came to be a long-standing relationship as a client and friend.

This is one of the few original drawings by Gaudí to survive. Most were lost in the fire that occurred in his office in the Sagrada Família in the spring of 1936.

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