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<p>Sculpture case</p>

Sculpture case

The sculpture collection at the Museum of Montserrat also allows us to trace the evolution in the taste and style of the Catalan art scene from the past two centuries. It includes pieces from the pre-modernism of the years of the Barcelona World’s Fair in 1888, with works by Joan Roig i Solé (1835-1918), Agapit Vallmitjana (1833-1905) and Rossend Nobas (1838-1891), to the Art Nouveau era, with Josep Montserrat (1860-1923) and especially Josep Llimona (1864-1934), many of whose works are at Montserrat. Some of Llimona’s most prominent pieces include marble sculptures like Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii (1892) and La bellesa (1924). Montserrat has more than 150 modern or mobile sculptures. The most important ones are exhibited in the museum, alternating with paintings from the period and following the same style. The values of Noucentisme, for example, appear loosely in the works of Josep Clarà (1878-1958), Josep Dunyach (1886-1957) and Manolo Hugué (1872-1945). Small sculptures, which are located in the glass cabinet (next to the Phos Hilaron Oriental icon space) offer a beautiful set of clay and bronze works which are frequently rotated.


<p><em>La bellesa</em>, Josep Llimona, 1924, marble, 120 &times; 32 &times; 35 cm. Donated by J. Sala Ardiz</p>
La bellesa
La bellesa
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