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Sant Jordi cavaller

<p>Sant Jordi cavaller, 18<sup>th</sup> century, tempera on panel, 24.5 &times; 18.5 cm, Greece</p>

Sant Jordi cavaller, 18th century, tempera on panel, 24.5 × 18.5 cm, Greece

Sant Jordi cavaller (St George the Knight or Hágios Geórgios éphippos in Greek). The Eastern Orthodox Church applied the name of megalomàrtir (‘the great martyr’) to Saint George and venerated him with particular passion. This icon represents the mythical story of his battle with the dragon and the release of the princess, and it adds the figure of a boy holding a pitcher. This is a famous miracle attributed to the saint, who miraculously cured one of the emperor’s sons by anointing him with the oil from the saint’s martyrion, an oil which is found in Lydda (today Israel).

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