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<p>Montserrat, anonymous, early 17<sup>th</sup> century, oil on canvas, 112 &times; 95 cm. Donated by Converg&egrave;ncia Democr&agrave;tica de Catalunya, 1994</p>

Montserrat, anonymous, early 17th century, oil on canvas, 112 × 95 cm. Donated by Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya, 1994

Oil painting executed based on the engraving by Antonio Lafreri and printed in Rome in 1572. Many other editions of it were made, each with its own variations. The composition does away with perspective and visually tells the story of the geographic and pious phenomenon of Montserrat: the discovery of the image, its veneration in the church, the monastery, the pathway up and the chapels, the pilgrims, the hermitages scattered about the mountainside and its characteristic peaks. The legend of the hermit Friar Garí and the different miracles that made the holy image famous are written on the side borders.

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