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Small treasury

<p>Small treasury made up of 19 gold coins (<em>aurei</em>), 1<sup>st</sup> century AD.</p>
<p>From number 43-45, Carrer d&rsquo;en Pujol</p>
<p>Photo: Museum of Matar&oacute;</p>

Small treasury made up of 19 gold coins (aurei), 1st century AD.

From number 43-45, Carrer d’en Pujol

Photo: Museum of Mataró

In 1994, a set of 19 aurei (gold coins) were found during the excavation of Carrer d’en Pujol. They may have been the savings of a merchant who hid them under a step in his shop.

Ten of them were minted during the era of Tiberius (AD 14-37), one of them during the mandate of Caligula (AD 37-41) and eight during the reign of the Emperor Claudius (AD 41-54).

On the front are portraits of the three emperors. But the backs are different: on the coins from the era of Tiberius, we can find his mother Livia; on those from the mandate of Caligula, we find his mother Agrippina; and on those from the reign of Claudius, we find a variety of allegories.

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