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Mataró Museum. Can Serra

Base decorated with a ritual scene

<p>Close-up of the ritual scene on a ceramic base, 1<sup>st</sup> century BC</p>
<p>Photo: Museum of Matar&oacute;</p>

Close-up of the ritual scene on a ceramic base, 1st century BC


Photo: Museum of Mataró

This is an earthenware candelabrum found in the excavations conducted in Can Palauet (at Carrer d’en Palau, 32-34) in 1994. It is engraved with a ritual scene, possibly a procession with different participants, one of whom may be a priest. The scene is completed with a building, which has been interpreted as the depiction of one of the gateways to the Roman city. This piece was crafted by a local potter in the early days of the city.

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