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Blue ceramic plate from Catalonia

<p>Blue ceramic plate from Catalonia</p>
<p>17<sup>th</sup> century</p>
<p>From Pla&ccedil;a Gran in Matar&oacute;</p>
<p>Photo: Museum of Matar&oacute;</p>

Blue ceramic plate from Catalonia

17th century

From Plaça Gran in Mataró

Photo: Museum of Mataró

During the excavations that were carried in Plaça Gran in Mataró in 1982, a late mediaeval cache of Catalan ceramics was found. It was a collection of more than 400 pieces of decorated ceramics and more than 500 earthenware and glass objects from the 16th and 17th centuries.

This plate has a border from what is called the “salsitxes dobles” (double sausage) series, and in the centre is the main decorative motif inscribed in blue circles with a yellow strip: a sun with six points whose face is painted blue.

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