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Mataró des del mar (Mataró from the Sea), 1872

<p><em>Matar&oacute; des del mar (Matar&oacute; from the Sea)</em>, 1872</p>
<p>Laure&agrave; Esplugues (s/d)</p>
<p>Oil on canvas</p>
<p>54 x 104&nbsp;cm</p>
<p>Photo: Museum of Matar&oacute;</p>

Mataró des del mar (Mataró from the Sea), 1872

Laureà Esplugues (s/d)

Oil on canvas

54 x 104 cm

Photo: Museum of Mataró

In the foreground, the painter Esplugues depicts fishing activity, along with the most unique houses and buildings in the city: Santa Maria basilica and the churches of Sant Josep and Santa Anna. A fascinating feature of the background is the view of the industrial nuclei, such as the steam plant of Gordils, Busquets i Sala, Artigas Massó and Joaquim Esquerra on Carrer de Sant Agustí, with the first railway station in front of it and the telegraph wire. Finally, the painter describes the environs of Mataró with characteristic places like the cemetery, the waterfall, Can Boada and the Burriac castle.

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