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Sculpture of a boy with bird

<p>Sculpture of a boy with bird, <em>c.</em> 1<sup>st</sup> &ndash; 2<sup>nd</sup> centuries AD</p>
<p>Marble from Paros</p>
<p>23 x 19 x 12&nbsp;cm</p>
<p>From number 12, Carrer de Sant Crist&ograve;for</p>
<p>Photo: Eusebi Escarpenter. Museum of Matar&oacute;</p>

Sculpture of a boy with bird, c. 1st – 2nd centuries AD

Marble from Paros

23 x 19 x 12 cm

From number 12, Carrer de Sant Cristòfor

Photo: Eusebi Escarpenter. Museum of Mataró

Torso of a sculpture that depicts a boy embracing a bird, made of marble and coming from the Greek island of Paros.

This sculptural theme was quite popular in Hellenistic Greek and Roman art; depictions of children playing or wrestling with animals either by themselves or as part of a more complex scene was a characteristic feature of the decoration of wealthy homes.

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