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Realism and figurative art

<p>Ground floor of the Maricel Museum.</p>

Ground floor of the Maricel Museum.

Many artists active throughout Noucentisme and the between-war realism periods continued to work after the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), impervious to the development of the avant-garde idiom. There was a kind of natural extension of figurative art aesthetics until its founders ceased to be active.

Figurative art lived on, clearly reminiscent of idioms that drew from a variety of sources such as Primitivism, New Objectivity, ongoing landscapism with Mediterranean roots and Decorativism.


<p><em>Allegory of Sitges</em>, Pere Jou and Francisco, 1954, Sitges, sculpted stone.&nbsp;&nbsp; Art of the City of Sitges collection</p>
Allegory of Sitges
Allegory of Sitges
<p><em>El Greco</em>, Josep Reyn&eacute;s Gurgu&iacute;, 1898, stone. The Cau Ferrat collection</p>
El Greco
El Greco
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