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Nativity and Resurrection

<p><em>Nativity</em><em>&nbsp;</em>and<em>&nbsp;</em><em>Resurrection</em>, Pere Serra, Parish Church of Sant Pere de Cubells (Noguera, Lleida),&nbsp;<em>c.</em>&nbsp;1400, Catalonia, tempera on wood. Dr. Jes&uacute;s P&eacute;rez Rosales collection.</p>

Nativity and Resurrection, Pere Serra, Parish Church of Sant Pere de Cubells (Noguera, Lleida), c. 1400, Catalonia, tempera on wood. Dr. Jesús Pérez Rosales collection.

These two compartments were part of the main altarpiece of the Church of Sant Pere de Cubells. In addition to these two compositions, which were part of the predella, nine images from the life of St. Peter and the Epiphany panel are preserved in private collections in Barcelona and at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum; the other three scenes from the frieze are at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

This altarpiece was one of the most important works of the time by virtue not only of the extensive narrative of the life of the Saint, of which only two compositions seem to have been lost, but also of its innovative treatment of typology and the high pictorial quality.

As regards attribution of the piece, the stylistic elements are highly reminiscent of those of the final period in the career of Pere Serra (active in Barcelona, 1357-1405/1408).

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