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The ’advances’ of the 19th century

<p><em>&nbsp;The &lsquo;advances&rsquo; of the 19th century </em>&nbsp;Ramon Casas i Carb&oacute;, &nbsp;<em>c</em>. 1901-1902, enamelled polychrome earthenware.&nbsp; Deering collection</p>

 The ‘advances’ of the 19th century  Ramon Casas i Carbó,  c. 1901-1902, enamelled polychrome earthenware.  Deering collection

Although most images are of new technological inventions, they also depict historical and social events. The presence of a bullfighter or of a billiard table appear to be reflections on the social importance of these activities.

The way Ramon Casas i Carbó (Barcelona, ​​1866-1932) used archaic iconography and artistic technique to comment on what was then state-of-the-art technology epitomises his fine sense of irony.

Of the twenty-five tiles only one provides a direct clue as to who the artist was. It is a rendering of Casas and Utrillo themselves, accompanied by the words Pèl & Ploma, the journal they had founded in 1899 and continued to publish until 1903.

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