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A Europa li ha sortit un gra (Europe has developed a pimple)

<p><em>A Europa li ha sortit un gra</em>, Josep M. Sert Badia, 1916, oil on canvas. Dr. Jes&uacute;s P&eacute;rez Rosales collection.</p>

A Europa li ha sortit un gra, Josep M. Sert Badia, 1916, oil on canvas. Dr. Jesús Pérez Rosales collection.

Charles Deering commissioned Josep Maria Sert (Barcelona, ​​1874-1945) to execute a set of murals to decorate the main Maricel de Mar entrance.

The set consists of six compositions whose narrative structure runs from left to right, a characteristic of Sert’s work. With the exception of the first panel, the narrative has two sections: one human, corresponding to the main facts, real or desired, from the First World War, and a transcendent or imaginary one, which is parallel to the first and highlights the action described.

When Charles Deering left Sitges in 1921, he took the paintings with him. Years later, collector Dr. Jesus Perez-Rosales acquired them and returned them to the site for which they had been conceived.

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