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Funeral cart

<p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Funeral cart from Santa Coloma de Queralt (La Conca de Barber&agrave;)</span>.</p>

Funeral cart from Santa Coloma de Queralt (La Conca de Barberà).

Carts often served more than one purpose. This was a funeral cart, but it was also used to collect the residents’ rubbish. There is a story about the mule that used to pull this cart. Every day, the drivers took a certain route to collect the rubbish and stopped for ten minutes for a coffee break at a café in the village. So the mule got used to stopping at the café. Imagine what happened when someone had to be buried and the cart had to go from the church to the cemetery via the café: no one could get the mule to budge for ten minutes!

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