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Who's who in the fishing industry?

<p>Detail of the exhibition area for the <em><em>remendadores </em></em>(menders) in Section 3.</p>

Detail of the exhibition area for the remendadores (menders) in Section 3.

The fisherman is the main protagonist in the fishing trade, but he is not the only character. The fishing industry created a series of other trades and auxiliary professions: shipwrights, sail makers, mechanics, coopers, rope-makers, menders, fishmongers, salt workers, and more.

Fishermen needed to possess certain skills, such as knowledge, memory, wisdom, courage and the spirit of survival. His relationship with the sea created a way of life and culture of its own, which can be identified in the lexicon, beliefs, festivities and food of seamen, among other things.


<p>Tool used to repair nets.</p>
Tool used to repair nets
Tool used to repair nets
<p>Compass owned by a 19th century fisherman.</p>
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