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Guillamí Violoncello, 1756

<p>Joan Guillam&iacute; Violoncello (Barcelona, 1756). &copy;&nbsp;Museu de la M&uacute;sica. Photo: Rafael Vargas</p>

Joan Guillamí Violoncello (Barcelona, 1756). © Museu de la Música. Photo: Rafael Vargas

Joan Guillamí was one of the most prestigious musical instrument makers of Barcelona in the 18th century. This instrument was donated to the Museum by the Orfeó Català symphonic choir. This violoncello was the instrument of the great maestro, Pau Casals, whose music we can hear in the halls of the Museum, interpreting the Intermezzo of Goyescas, composed by another great Catalan maestro, Enric Granados.

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