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Rönisch - Albéniz Piano

<p>Baby Grand Piano, Carl R&ouml;nisch (Dresden, Germany), c. 1905. &copy;&nbsp;Museu de la M&uacute;sica. Photo: Rafael Vargas</p>

Baby Grand Piano, Carl Rönisch (Dresden, Germany), c. 1905. © Museu de la Música. Photo: Rafael Vargas

This piano was made for the pianist Isaac Albéniz, who used it during the latter years of his life. At the front, the make of the piano Rönisch appears along with “Albéniz” in the form of his signature. It is a black-lacquered, baby grand piano, with a cast iron plate on the harmonic table. The natural keys are ivory plated and the black keys are made of ebony. The keyboard has 88 keys.


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