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Pérez Molero Organ

<p>Manuel P&eacute;rez Molero Organ (Segovia), 1739. &copy;&nbsp;Museu de la M&uacute;sica. Photo: Rafael Vargas</p>

Manuel Pérez Molero Organ (Segovia), 1739. © Museu de la Música. Photo: Rafael Vargas

This organ is one of the most emblematic pieces of the Museum. It was made by Manuel Pérez Molero in 1719, in Segovia, and in 1739 it was installed in the nuns’ convent of Santa Maria de Jesus, in Ávila, where it came from. It is a wind instrument containing different sets of pipes that make a sound when air passes through them. The keyboard with forty five keys, thirteen registers and three large exterior bellows. It has been restored to full playing condition.

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