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<p><em>"</em>Bou"<em>, </em>Ramon Amadeu i Grau, 1809-1821. Polychrome terracotta.</p>

"Bou", Ramon Amadeu i Grau, 1809-1821. Polychrome terracotta.

Ramon Amadeu, born in Mataró, arrived in Olot to carry out a series of commissions for religious figurines. It was in 1809 when, fleeing from the Peninsular War, he returned to Olot and created a series of Nativity figurines that are still some of the best examples of Catalan nativity figures.

The figures have a palpable realism, with great expression and movement. The bulls and cows are rough, dirty and rugged, and they show the great ability of the sculptor to capture the details around him.

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