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National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia- mNACTEC


The exhibition "EVERYTHING is CHEMISTRY" aims to highlight the contribution made by chemistry to our modern quality of life. Thanks to chemistry, mankind has progressively achieved fundamental advances in different spheres of our life: health, food, sport, art, etc. Without chemistry we could scarcely meet the numerous needs generated by population increase, nor succeed in improving our well-being and life expectancy.


The exhibition EVERYTHING is CHEMISTRY, organised by the Catalan Chemistry Society and the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia, has been made possible thanks to sponsorship by various chemical companies and institutions, aiming to share the aim of showcasing the importance of chemistry in our society. The exhibition takes us on a journey, showing the diversity and versatility of how core elements behave, stepping inside the very essence of chemistry, in other words the transformation of matter, and explaining how chemical compounds and elements are the basis for industrially created products. The final and largest section of the exhibition then highlights the positive contribution made by chemistry to different aspects of everyday life.

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