National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia- mNACTEC


"Homo Faber" is a permanent exhibition occupying a 350 m2 section of the basement of the mNACTEC, showing the evolution of science and technology from the first great technological revolution of humanity, the Stone Age revolution, up to early industrialisation, focusing in particular on the Catalan context.


Mankind has, since the earliest times, unlike other animals been a "homo faber", in other words he has manufactured tools thanks to his intelligence and the fact of having hands. Through science and technology, mankind has succeeded in living longer and more comfortably, and has been able better to understand his surroundings. Science and technology have not, though, always gone hand in hand, but have instead over the years progressively established a closer relationship, although it was not until the industrial revolution that this connection was definitively forged..

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