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Montesa “Operación Impala” motorcycle

<p class="normal" style="margin-bottom: .0001pt; line-height: normal;"><span lang="ES">Montesa &ldquo;Operaci&oacute;n Impala&rdquo; motorcycle</span></p>

Montesa “Operación Impala” motorcycle

Prototype Montesa Impala motorbike (1962) named the Lucharniega, and red in colour. This is a two-seater motorcycle with a 2-stroke, single-cylinder engine mounted to a simple single frame chassis (beneath the fuel tank). It has 4 gears in a cascade system, with the foot-operated gear change lever on the right. The starter pedal is also on the right-hand side, and both wheels have suspension: tele-hydraulic at the front, and dual effect at the rear. The headlamp is cylindrical.

It took part in Operation Impala in Africa.

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