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Paisatge (Landscape)

<p>Joan Pon&ccedil; Bonet (Barcelona 1927 - Saint Paul de Vence 1984). <em>Paisatge </em>(Landscape), 1949. Monotype. 17 x 25&nbsp;cm.</p>

Joan Ponç Bonet (Barcelona 1927 - Saint Paul de Vence 1984). Paisatge (Landscape), 1949. Monotype. 17 x 25 cm.

From the Dau al Set group, Joan Ponç was the only one to remain faithful to the guidelines of magical realism, and continued giving his works a special magnetic power, with mysterious signs, fantastical animals and grotesque monsters shown against the backdrop of a sinister, nocturnal atmospheres- a constant example of his particular vision of life and the human mind. At times outcast, his work is appreciated and frequently studied today.

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