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Abstracció còsmica (Cosmic abstraction)

<p>Evarist Vall&egrave;s Rovira (Pierola 1923 - Figueres 1999). <em>Abstracci&oacute; c&ograve;smica (Cosmic abstraction)</em>, 1963. Oil on canvas. 197 x 300 cm</p>

Evarist Vallès Rovira (Pierola 1923 - Figueres 1999). Abstracció còsmica (Cosmic abstraction), 1963. Oil on canvas. 197 x 300 cm

Cultural activist and a personal friend of Dalí, his work was exhibited in the theatre-museum at his request. Throughout his career he worked in different artistic fields on an international stage, but here in Catalonia he was difficult to track, during the middle of the cultural intransigence of the Franco era. His self-portraits, the female figure, cosmic abstraction, the Empordà sky and material or painted gavarrots, are a constant feature of his work.

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