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The Synagogue

<p>Room dedicated to the synagogue.</p>

Room dedicated to the synagogue.

This part of the museum introduces the visitors to the sacred space of the synagogue, where the community studies, prays, meets and celebrates its festivities. Here, elements of worship and rituals, as well as archaeological finds and documents (original artefacts and reproductions) related to the synagogues of Girona, are displayed.


<p>Inscription from the synagogue. Girona limestone. 14th century, Girona (cession of the Archeology Museum of Catalonia. Girona)</p>
Inscription from the synagogue
Inscription from the synagogue
<p>Sefer Torah. Ink on parchment. 19th century, Gemany (cession of the Barcelona Jewish Community)</p>
Sefer Torah
Sefer Torah
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