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La Barca Estellada (The Broken Boat)

<p><em>La Barca Estellada</em> (The Broken Boat), Josep Albert&iacute;, 1983. Oil on canvas.</p>

La Barca Estellada (The Broken Boat), Josep Albertí, 1983. Oil on canvas.

The main focus of the painting is an old, broken boat, grounded on a sand spit on a beach full of bushes. A thick, black line outlines the boat, highlighting the state of abandonment and the boat's final journey. The ochre colour of the wood mingles with the colours of the sandy beach, and further highlights the whitish ribs of the stern and the red paint marks the remains the worn hull. The prow is only partially damaged, and stands even arrogantly on a small sand spit, seemingly pointing to horizons to sail for.

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