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<p>Details of the rooms dedicated to the Civil War and the Franco regime.</p>

Details of the rooms dedicated to the Civil War and the Franco regime.

The establishment Franco’s new regime, after the Republican defeat in the Civil War, brought an unprecedented historical divide. In the city of Girona, like in the rest of Spain, the first two decades of dictatorship were characterised by the majority of the population being submitted to fear, repression and economic difficulties. The daily struggle for survival became the main identifying characteristic of a society governed by a totalitarian political system and strong commitment to Spanish Nationalism. In a similar way to Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, Franco system abolished all traces of democratic freedom.


<p><em>The Great Day of Girona</em>, Ramon Mart&iacute; Alsina,&nbsp;<em>c</em>. 1862, preparatory painting, oil on canvas. On permanent loan from the MNAC</p>
The Great Day of Girona
The Great Day of Girona
<p>"Fontaine" hydraulic turbine, manufactured by Planas, Flaquer i Cia., Pedret, 1898.</p>
"Fontaine" hydraulic turbine
"Fontaine" hydraulic turbine
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