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Metal tenora

<p>Metal tenora, Josep Coll, 1931. Donated by &Agrave;ngela Teixidor Torras</p>

Metal tenora, Josep Coll, 1931. Donated by Àngela Teixidor Torras

Josep Coll i Ligora, a great composer and an excellent musician, was the inventor of the metal tenora. Josep Coll played this same tenora uninterruptedly for twenty-six years. The construction of the instrument was approved by Francesc Pujol (conductor of the Orfeó Català choir) and Josep Serra (conductor of the Cobla Barcelona). The metal tenora caused a split in the ranks of sardanistes and musicians, with arguments for and against.

The instrument was built in order to obtain greater tuning stability and to achieve a more homogeneous, brilliant sound by altering the distance between the holes.

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