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<p><em>Supplication</em>, Fidel Aguilar, 1910-1917, modelled terracotta</p>

Supplication, Fidel Aguilar, 1910-1917, modelled terracotta

This statue is an example of formal austerity, combined with a very personal approach to rendering the human figure, especially the female form, the predominant theme in his short career.

The sculptor Fidel Aguilar (Girona, 1894-1917) was born on April 201894. The History Museum has devoted a room to this Girona artist since 1983. Awood carver by trade, together with architect Rafael Masó he came to be the finest exponent of Girona Noucentisme. His work reveals the influence of modernistes, symbolists and the Viennese Secession.

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