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Tarragona Provincial Council Modern Art Museum

Tarragona Tapestry, Joan Miró

<p><em>Tarragona Tapestry</em>, Joan Mir&oacute; and Josep Royo, 1970.</p>

Tarragona Tapestry, Joan Miró and Josep Royo, 1970.

The Tarragona Tapestry was made on a high warp loom and based on an original painting by Joan Miró. It is a monumental work (2.80 m x 4.20 m) that is a perfect combination of plasticity, texture and colour. This first tapestry was made using an experimental technique developed by Joan Miró with Josep Royo in which wools of different thicknesses and the knots in tresses make up a work that combines straight forms and curves with the most authentic colours and graphism of Miró’s late period.

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