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Stained glassmaker’s workbenches, 14th century

<p>Stained glassmaker&rsquo;s workbenches, 14th century</p>

Stained glassmaker’s workbenches, 14th century

These workbenches, found in Girona Cathedral, served for all the process of preparation of the stained glass windows in the cathedral presbytery.

With a punched, the glazier marked the images for the window on the whitened surface of the table. This drawing was then used as a guide for cutting the glass with a red-hot iron and setting them in lead.

A study of the table surfaces with ultra-violet light has revealed, beneath the geometric markings on one of the surfaces, a drawing of Our Lady which coincides with that of the Annunciation window.

Satined glassmaker’s workbenches, 14th century, polychrome wood, 123 × 39 × 2.5 cm, 125 × 40 × 2.5 cm

Room 7

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