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Púbol altarpiece

<p><em>Sant Pere de P&uacute;bol Altarpiece, </em>1437. Tempera/wood.</p>

Sant Pere de Púbol Altarpiece, 1437. Tempera/wood.

The Sant Pere de Púbol altarpiece is by the artist Bernat Martorell, who was painted it around 1437. The piece comes from the parish church of Sant Pere de Púbol, and is one of the most remarkable examples of Catalan Gothic art. The patrons of the work appear in the central panel: Bernat de Corbera, his wife Margarida de Campllong and their son Francesc. You can see a sketch on the back of the altarpiece, which helps to understand how the artist created this piece.


Sant Pere de Púbol Altarpiece, 1437


490 x 370 cm

Púbol parish church

Girona Art Museum - Diocese of Girona Fund

Room 8

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