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Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, 1652-1679

<p><em>Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian</em>, Josep Tramulles, 1652-1679</p>

Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, Josep Tramulles, 1652-1679

In 1650 Girona was devastated by the plague and the city’s Municipal Council decided to dedicate an ex-voto to Saint Sebastian as a token of gratitude once it had subsided. Two years later, Josep Tramulles, one of the best sculptors of the 17th century, was commissioned to create an altarpiece. The artist, however, was only able to complete the central panel, showing the martyrdom of the saint. In 1679 the definitive altarpiece, which has not survived and was completed by sculptor Anton Barnoia, was installed in the new chapel of the Hospital de Santa Caterina.

Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, Josep Tramulles, 1652-1679, polychrome wood, 310 × 220 cm, chapel of the former Hospital de Santa Caterina

Room 12

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