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Cap de Tití (Tití’s Head)

<p><em>Cap de Tit&iacute;</em> (Tit&iacute;&rsquo;s Head), Manolo Hugu&eacute;, 1927, Prats de Moll&oacute;. &copy; Jordi Puig</p>

Cap de Tití (Tití’s Head), Manolo Hugué, 1927, Prats de Molló. © Jordi Puig

This is a work by sculptor Manolo Hugué, made with clay (21 × 14 × 18 cm) in the summer of 1927 in Prats de Molló. Manolo and the painter from Cerdanyola, Josep de Togores, were in Prats de Molló at the same time. The model was the painter’s daughter, Maria del Rosario Togores Berchtold, whom Kahnweiler had nicknamed Tití. The piece was displayed in the exhibition that Manolo and Togores held in the Wolfsberg gallery in Zurich in 1928, and it appears in a drawing on the lower part of the poster.

The Cerdanyola Town Hall purchased it in 2007 for the future Art Museum of Cerdanyola.

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