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The colonisations and the Iberian period

<p>Altar from Castellar de Pont&oacute;s.</p>

Altar from Castellar de Pontós.

In 7th century BC, several Mediterranean peoples, the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, Greeks and Etruscans, came into contact with the populations along the coast of the Iberian Peninsula, and established commercial relationships to exchange manufactured goods for raw materials.

During 7th century BC the indigenous Bronze Age people on the Mediterranean side of the peninsula began a long process of evolution, the foundations of Iberian culture.

Iberian culture has several common characteristics: widespread construction with hard materials (stone, adobe), the appearance of town planning, the adoption of the potter's wheel, the development of iron metallurgy and the creation of a local writing system. Society was divided into classes. The economy was based on rainfed agriculture and livestock.

Contact with other settlements had important repercussions in terms of how society was organised, the economy and belief system.


<p>Altar, Mas Castellar de Pont&oacute;s (Alt Emporda), 3rd-2nd century BC.</p>
Marble altar
Marble altar
<p>Iberian inscription in lead (La Fosca Castle, Empord&agrave;), 3rd century BC.</p>
Iberian inscription in lead
Iberian inscription in lead
<p>Mould of a female head, Rodhe (Roses, Alt Empord&agrave;), 3rd century BC</p>
Terracotta mould of a female h...
Terracotta mould of a female head
<p>Recipient (c&agrave;lat), Bosc del Congost (Sant Juli&agrave; de Ramis, Giron&egrave;s), 225-175 BC</p>
Recipient (càlat) of common Ib...
Recipient (càlat) of common Iberian ceramic
<p>Jug, residential park of Vilacolum, Torroella de Fluvi&agrave;, 5th -4th centuries BC</p>
Painted Iberian ceramic jug
Painted Iberian ceramic jug
<p>Fish dish, Mas Castellar (Pont&oacute;s, Alt Empord&agrave;), end of the 4th century BC</p>
Fish dish, red-figure Attic po...
Fish dish, red-figure Attic pottery
<p>Krater, Sant Sebasti&agrave; de la Guarda (Palafrugell, Baix Empord&agrave;), mid-4th century BC</p>
Red-figure Attic ceramic krate...
Red-figure Attic ceramic krater
<p>Emp&uacute;ries (L&rsquo;Escala, Alt Empord&agrave;), 6th century - early 5th century BC</p>
Ceramic Ionian-Milesian askos
Ceramic Ionian-Milesian askos
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