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Clay Phoenician pitos

<p>Phoenician pitos, necropolis of Angl&egrave;s (La Selva), early Iron Age, 700-600 BC</p>

Phoenician pitos, necropolis of Anglès (La Selva), early Iron Age, 700-600 BC

This large, wide-mouthed container of Phoenician origin served to store solid foods. It was a container for transport, especially overland, and storage. It was probably made in the south of the Iberian Peninsula (650-600 BC). The necropolis where it was found, discovered in 1888, lies underneath the Burés factory. Excavations conducted in 1954-1955 unearthed nineincineration tombs. They contained a rich collection of grave goods and the first iron and ceramic objects of Phoenician originwere found in three of them.

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