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Painted Iberian ceramic jug

<p>Jug, residential park of Vilacolum, Torroella de Fluvi&agrave;, 5th -4th centuries BC</p>

Jug, residential park of Vilacolum, Torroella de Fluvià, 5th -4th centuries BC

Thrown pottery emerged in north-eastern Iberia halfwat through the 6th century BC. From the technological, formal and decorative points of view, it is associated with the painted Iberian productions of the Llevant and south-east of the peninsula from the same period, and also those of the Roussillon and western Languedoc regions. The most common decorations are parallel lines and stripes, concentric circles and manes. One of the distinguishing features of Indigets culture was the replacement of painted ceramics by decoration with white paint or Indigets, which were made from the second half of the 5th to the 2nd centuries BC.

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