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Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya - Girona

Recipient (càlat) of common Iberian ceramic

<p>Recipient (c&agrave;lat), Bosc del Congost (Sant Juli&agrave; de Ramis, Giron&egrave;s), 225-175 BC</p>

Recipient (càlat), Bosc del Congost (Sant Julià de Ramis, Gironès), 225-175 BC

Fragment of the upper part of a càlat with two entwined horizontal handles, one of which has survived. The relief decoration features two personages. One of them, Triptolemus, is shown seated on a winged chariot pulled by snakes. Triptolemus is a mythological character to whom the goddess Demeter gave a chariot and sheaves of wheat in order to spread agriculture. The head that appears beneath the handle has a number of readings, one of which associates it with the goddess Demeter.

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