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Flint nucleus

<p>Flint nucleus from the Neolithic necropolis of B&ograve;bila d'en Sallent (Cerdanyola del Vall&egrave;s, Vall&egrave;s Occidental, Barcelona)</p>

Flint nucleus from the Neolithic necropolis of Bòbila d'en Sallent (Cerdanyola del Vallès, Vallès Occidental, Barcelona)

This flint nucleus is dated between 4200 and 3200 BC and was part of a burial trove from a Neolithic grave.

The flint is honey coloured which allows us to place its origin in the Upper Provence region of France, far from where it was found. This highlights the long-distance exchanges that were occurring at the time.

The peculiar shape of these cores, the result of regularly chipping off little slices or sheets, has led to them being called ‘goat’s feet’ given their similarity to this animal’s anatomy.

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