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Boundary cross from La Culla

<p>Boundary cross from La Culla, 14<sup>th</sup> to 15<sup>th</sup> centuries, stone sculpture</p>

Boundary cross from La Culla, 14th to 15th centuries, stone sculpture

Boundary cross which was located near Mas de la Culla in Manresa, near which the highroad to Barcelona ran. This is the upper part of the cross, and it has an eight-sided capital, each with a canopy that protects a saint. We can identify the portraits of Saint Peter, Saint Michael Archangel, Saint James, Saint Lucy and Saint Eulalia, among other saints who are carrying the palm branch of a martyr. This cross was probably commissioned in 1413 by a canon at the cathedral. In 1906 it was found in poor condition and was deposited in the museum.

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