Tomàs Balvey Museum Archive - Casal de Cultura Dr. Daurella

Museum garden

<p>South side of the museum. Garden of medicinal plants</p>

South side of the museum. Garden of medicinal plants

The museum garden has three basic purposes that make it another space of attraction:

  • An information and training function for the visiting public so they can learn about or recognise the species of the region in their different environments, and at the same time a programme of guided tours to enhance understanding of the natural areas of the municipality and its environs, complementing the discourse on wellbeing and health started in the Balvey Pharmacy.
  • An educational purpose, with a program aimed at school groups, a very clear tour, supplementary teaching materials and workshops.
  • A leisure purpose with spaces (square and terrace) designed as rest areas, which can give a new purpose to the garden as a public park independent from and complementary to the museum. The garden hosts summer concerts and activities are held in July.

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